Short course: Effective online profiles

Short course: Effective online profiles

Short course: Effective online profiles

Expand your online reach

Setting up online profiles on professional networks or translation marketplaces should be a part of your overall strategy and will strengthen your image.

Make a great first impression! How? Find out in this course.

Goals for this short course include:

  • Weigh the pros and cons of owning online profiles and decide which ones to include in your mix
  • Boost your LinkedIn profile and adapt it to your target audience and your own business personality
  • Improve your online marketplace profiles to get the most out of them in the long run
  • Decide on your online profiles strategy and map out next steps

Nowadays, translators and other freelancers (such as web designers), who mostly work online, don’t have many opportunities to meet their clients face to face, go for a coffee or an interview and create the connection in person.

If and when you can then that’s great and I would definitely make use of those opportunities.

But in the scenarios that you can’t (and this seems to be the case now), we need the online means of communication to replace the face to face first impression.

Luckily, there currently are plenty of ways available for us to do that – you can have your own website, be present on social media and professional networks, be present in membership directories, or invest in advertising, warm emailing etc. and use all those online means of communication to your advantage.

Technically you can use just one online profile as your main strategy and focus all your efforts on one medium. However, we would usually advise using those as part of your integrated marketing approach. Connecting different tools and platforms and having different customer points of contact will allow you to achieve the best results and maximise your chances to be found. Additionally, you will be able to achieve something very important in the online world – credibility and trustworthiness.

Learn how by following this easy course packed with practical advice! Choose your level of access and let’s do it!

Duration: approx. 35 minutes of video + workbook & additional links (a minimum of 2 hours recommended to include practical research)

Required practical implementation: 2 – 7 hours

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Marketer, business owner, coffee lover, traveller… On a mission to make marketing fun and accessible to translators and interpreters. In addition to my degree in marketing and Membership in Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), I’ve spent the last decade helping over 600 translation and interpreting businesses grow and succeed. It’s provided me with a great deal of knowledge that I can now share with you. I believe marketing should be accessible to all – no matter how big or small your business is. Whatever your business goals - increased profit, new clients, more free time, less stress - let's convert them into reality together. I practice a no-fluff approach to marketing and aim to inspire a positive change in your business!


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