Starter Masterclass: Your Business in Review. Do Your Research & Set New Goals.

Starter Masterclass: Your Business in Review. Do Your Research & Set New Goals.

Starter Masterclass: Your Business in Review. Do Your Research & Set New Goals.

Review your business situation

This short, on-demand course consists of three main parts:
  • Current situation review
  • Target audience identification process
  • Goal setting

Getting to know your business better and reviewing its situation as it is right now is the first step in the marketing planning process. Skipping research and jumping into outlining strategy and tactics may turn out to be disappointing, as you will have no previous data, no current information to base your decisions upon.

In order for your marketing to be the most effective, you need to know:
  • Where your business is right now
  • Where are your strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats
  • Your business model
  • Your business plans and goals (including personal that are connected to the business)
  • Who do you want to work with, and where those potential clients may be located

Be fully aware of what is happening inside and outside of your business in order to make informed decisions for the future. 

Goals for this three-part bundle:

  • Get to know your business better, spend some private time with your business and assess your situation.
  • Prepare a SWOT analysis (handy business tool!) for your business.
  • Know who your competitors are and what they’re doing and what can you do better.

Map out exactly what do you want to achieve in your business. Establish short- and long-term goals and learn how to evaluate them for smart and efficient business growth. Dream big!

  • Define business goals – long term vision and short term goals
  • Get to the bottom of why did you become a translator or interpreter and know your motivations
  • Look at your profits, marketing, skills and set your expectations against your goals

Start building your customer-centric approach by identifying people you would like to work with. Customers are the foundation of your business – put your focus on the right people and develop your client strategy!

  • Find out who your ideal clients are and how to define your ideal client avatar.
  • Get clear on whom you’re targeting your communications to.
  • Get tips on how to handle multiple client avatars and why is it important to have them.


Get a 27-page “Big Business Review” Workbook (in addition to all of the above module workbooks) included with this course.

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Duration: approx. 45 minutes of video + workbook & additional links (a minimum of 2 hours recommended to include Big Business Review Workbook tasks)

Required practical implementation: 3 – 7 hours

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Marketer, business owner, coffee lover, traveller… On a mission to make marketing fun and accessible to translators and interpreters. In addition to my degree in marketing and Membership in Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), I’ve spent the last decade helping over 600 translation and interpreting businesses grow and succeed. It’s provided me with a great deal of knowledge that I can now share with you. I believe marketing should be accessible to all – no matter how big or small your business is. Whatever your business goals - increased profit, new clients, more free time, less stress - let's convert them into reality together. I practice a no-fluff approach to marketing and aim to inspire a positive change in your business!


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