Q & A session library

Q & A session library

Q & A session library

Over 32 business & marketing questions answered!

This unique bundle is a special collection of all past Q & A sessions in the previous version of the Language Services Marketing Academy.

Full of practical advice, useful links, and tools, in a more relaxed format.

Here, you will find the answers to:

– How to find the right contact person to address when sending email campaigns?

– How to be less pushy when marketing your services?

– When is it best to ask for feedback/testimonials?

– How to market to different audiences?

– Do you think that blog is necessary to attract customers to my website?

– What’s the best way to find texts which are suitable for your portfolio?

– How to follow up with my e-mail marketing campaign?

– What are the online marketplaces that you use? (discuss here!)

– How to use keywords on LinkedIn?

– Should I approach my selected potential clients by real post or online? Or both?

– How to start your first email campaign?

– What do you think about Mailchimp as a marketing tool?

– What are the basics of a website’s SEO? What should I pay attention to?

– Do you think Twitter is a good marketing tool for translators?

– How to encourage people to give testimonials or reviews?

– Do I have to display photo credits when I download photos from Canva and other sources?

– What picture banks do you recommend?

– I still have a day job while working as a translator part-time. How do I approach my LinkedIn profile?

– Do I need to create two websites if I have two distinct specialisations such as technical and marketing?

– I find it hard to find time for marketing. What do you recommend?

– What is your experience with Facebook Page marketing for translators?

– Do all my photos have to match/be the same on all social profiles, website & email signature?

– How do I tell an “old” client that my rates have increased since the last time we worked together and I can’t do any more work for rates we agreed on few years ago?

– Can you recommend software for email newsletters? I don’t like Mailchimp!

– I have a list of client email addresses. Do I have to ask their permission to start sending them newsletters?

– What could I use Instagram for? I don’t feel like I could directly find any clients there but I like the concept!

– How can we measure the results of our (marketing) translation after delivering to the client? How do marketing agencies do that?

– Can you recommend a nice (ideally free) tool for making short Instagram videos?

– What do I need to do to make my website GDPR compliant? What are the basics?

– I was planning on repositioning my business this month and now I feel a little lost – now knowing how things are going to continue in the near future makes working on something like a marketing plan and trying to contact potential clients etc. feel futile. Have you got any ideas for how to deal with these peculiar times in terms of marketing?

– I would like to open an Instagram account for my translation business. Can I mix posts for clients and colleagues?

– I launched a website but haven’t had a contact enquiry from it yet. What can I do to boost its visibility after launch?

– Should I list all my specialisations on my website as I did on my Proz profile or should I focus on only a few?

– My client wants me to lower my rates by 30% because of Covid-19. How do I respond?

We will keep adding any future Q & A’s to this bundle.

Grab a cup of tea, coffee or hot choc and dig in! 

Duration: over 140 minutes of video + extra links & content

Required implementation: from 1 to 15 hours – depending on what you’re trying to find out and achieve! 

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Marketer, business owner, coffee lover, traveller… On a mission to make marketing fun and accessible to translators and interpreters. In addition to my degree in marketing and Membership in Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), I’ve spent the last decade helping over 600 translation and interpreting businesses grow and succeed. It’s provided me with a great deal of knowledge that I can now share with you. I believe marketing should be accessible to all – no matter how big or small your business is. Whatever your business goals - increased profit, new clients, more free time, less stress - let's convert them into reality together. I practice a no-fluff approach to marketing and aim to inspire a positive change in your business!


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