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Build a Copywriting Clientele from Scratch. How to Find Clients in 7 Easy Steps.

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Build a Copywriting Clientele from Scratch. How to Find Clients in 7 Easy Steps.

Every business can benefit from copywriting – even if they don’t realise it yet.

It’s up to you to find the companies that want it. Or show them why they need it.

Once you do, you can easily acquire a clientele large enough and high-paying enough to make you a full-time (and well-compensated!) copywriter.  

If you’re a translator wanting to extend your services to copywriting, here’s how you can start building a vibrant copywriting client list. Without leaving your house!

Getting cold feet over your copywriting career?

No? Skip on to the next part.

Yes? Listen carefully.

Copywriting is a fundamental element of effective online marketing and content marketing. It’s responsible for convincing people to visit a website with compelling ads, open emails with curiosity-capturing subject lines, and become lasting, contented clients. Copywriting is a tool that converts visitors into customers.

By conveying the right values and emotions, you can really appeal to emotion-led consumers. Because people always remember how you made them feel.  

The quality of a business’ copywriting also reflects its quality and values as a company. For instance, 59% of us say they’d avoid doing business with a company that made spelling or grammar mistakes.

If they’re careless enough to overlook these minor mistakes, what else could they be careless about? That’s what customers are thinking.

Great copywriting is in high demand. There’s no shortage of companies seeking a voice to magnetise clients while maintaining their credibility and ethics as a brand.

Consider this the next time you doubt your future as a copywriter.

Meanwhile …

Here’s how to find (and keep) copywriting clients

Look for clients you want to work with

Being headhunted for your talent by your favourite brands – that would be a dream. Sadly, that’s not how it works. At least, not at the beginning of your copywriting career anyway. You’ll need to find them.

Reach out to the brands and businesses you’re passionate about and want to write for – send them your CV, let them know you’re interested in working with them and that you would love to be aligned with their brand. They’ll appreciate your boldness and enthusiasm.

Quick alert: Double-check that your CV and LinkedIn profile showcase your professionalism and writing skills before sending anything out!

Remain professional, but avoid being too formal. Show off that sparkling personality of yours, maybe even throw in a little light humour and give them a good reason to hire you. Adapt your tone to the client or brand.

Write a dazzling introductory email that speaks your clients’ language

Targeted emails can be a powerful marketing tool for attracting interest and forming relationships.

That’s why it’s worth making an effort to find a specific person’s full name and getting to know a little more about them before approaching them. This way, you can tailor your email to their needs and likes, helping them to realise you’re the obvious choice.

If it’s a company you’re pursuing, familiarise yourself with their background, prominent values and writing voice. Offer them a more persuasive, more serious, more humorous one – depending on the company, of course.

Remember to add all your notable achievements in there too. Show them how your experience and qualifications are relevant to what you’re helping them achieve. It doesn’t need to be a long list. Simply highlight the most important points in a way that they may find appealing.

Make connections by adding value

Attend virtual (and soon in-person!) marketing events, tune in to conferences and target clients you want to work with.

Nobody wants to hear, “I’m the best copywriter for your brand”. They want to see why you’re the best choice for their brand. They want to connect with you, like your personality, click with you …

You can do this by providing value to potential customers. Be helpful, answer questions, show them how working with you would be a huge advantage for their online presence.

You could also create helpful posts on your blog to demonstrate your skills as a copywriter, always keeping the target clients’ needs and desires in mind. Write for them.

Customers are 40% more likely to use your services if your content speaks to their needs and preferences.

Be active to be an authority

On Twitter. On LinkedIn. In Facebook groups.

Regardless of your love-hate relationship with social media, it can be instrumental in upping your clientele and making long-lasting connections. And that doesn’t mean setting up a profile and then going offline. Engage with people. Like, comment, start a discussion … anything’s better than being a ghost.

Facebook groups are particularly convenient for showcasing your copywriting skills to target clients. Try joining a few relevant ones, getting to know the members and posting informative, entertaining posts to enhance your credibility as a copywriter.

Focus on entrepreneurial and business owners’ groups. A lot of networking happens here – and it transpires organically. Even just writing a friendly, constructive comment on someone’s post could land you a copywriting job.

Once people know who you are and what you’re capable of, you will be the first name they think of if and when they need copywriting services. Sell yourself well enough, and you may even convince them they need a full-time writer.

Choose clients who know the value of marketing

One day you’re searching for affordable standing desks. The next day, a throng of standing desk ads from various suppliers appear at the top and side of your screen throughout the day, prompting you to decide. Ahh, the beauty of Google ads.

Sometimes convenient, other times annoying, there is one benefit copywriters can gain from them, though: insight into valuable brands.

Let’s say your copywriting niche is healthy living. If you regularly search for health-related topics like “plant-based recipes” or “Is there such a thing as the chocolate diet?” *wink*, Google will present you with related ads. Use that to your advantage by reaching out to those companies that appear on Google ads.

These are the people who understand the importance of marketing and are willing to invest in advertising techniques to enhance their business – including, possibly, your copywriting services.

Stay consistent

Even if you have to write for lower rates for the first few projects to build your portfolio as a copywriter, always stay consistent with your quality. You should be showing off your best work right from the beginning.

Outstanding copywriting = excellent referrals.

It’s no different to your reputation as a translator. As long as you provide an excellent service, you will earn respect as a copywriter. Your name will circulate, and the work will continue flowing. 

How do you find copywriting clients?

If you’ve already landed one or two lovely clients, I would love to hear how you did it! I’d also be happy to answer any questions you may have about copywriting. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Or take a look through my online portfolio.

In the meantime, happy writing and happy target-customer-finding! You’re gonna do great!