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Who’s behind LSM?

Meg Dziatkiewicz
Marketing Consultant
Hi! My name is Meg and you may know me from Websites for Translators!


I created this blog to share my business and marketing insights with a wider audience to fulfil my mission of making translation businesses bloom.


Over the last 8+ years in the translation industry, I have accumulated a lot of advice and practical knowledge that I can now share with you.


I see marketing as something that should be accessible to everyone in this day and age and I want to give small translation businesses all the tools they need to grow their audience and profits.


After gaining my degree in Marketing and Advertising in London, I practice a no-fluff, no bs approach and aim to give you the essence of marketing, minus the hype.


What do I love most about my work? Multilingual and multicultural collaboration with clients. Working together to find the best options and solutions for their business is fun, rewarding and never boring because every business is different.


Apart from designing websites, I’m teaching a 1-2-1 marketing course, as well as taking part in international industry conferences, including speaking at a CTA conference in Colorado, BP17, Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK), London Metropolitan University, among others. While running Websites for Translators, I’ve helped over 400 translation businesses boost their branding and marketing.


I’d love it if we could work together too!


Whether I’m holding a koala in Brisbane or Skyping a client in Thailand, I love exploring the world and the wonderful beings in it. Working with translators definitely gives me that opportunity!


I’m also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) to always stay on top of things and up-to-date with trends.


Let’s connect on LinkedIn and if you’d like to drop me an email with blog post topics you want to read and learn about or collaboration suggestions use meg@languageservicesmarketing.com. I look forward to hearing from you!