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Success stories

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We always ask our students, clients, readers for feedback and only in this way we can constantly learn and improve. Check out those stories and some of them may inspire you. 

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Struggling with your marketing?

If I only do marketing when there is nothing else to do, I won’t come very far. I really need to schedule things and follow my plan.

Mandy Borchardt, The Marketing Translator, English and Spanish to German Translator

Have a plan

There is help for every step of the way; from how to set your goals and strategise, to creating your brand and marketing plan. If want to dig deeper there are videos about tools you can utilise throughout. Packed with motivational encouragement for the quote lovers and plenty of downloadable information, just get ready to be guided all the way.

Ceyda Aldemir-Down, DipTrans MCIL CL, MITI, Freelance English to Turkish Translator

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Happy translators say:

I definitely recommend LSM Academy to any fellow language professional!

LSM Academy helped me a lot to get a better understanding of what marketing is actually about and to define precisely what I want to reach with my translation business in the future. Meg does a great job with her very personal and professional approach and she is always available for personalized feedback and tips on how to proceed with the material in order to get the most out of it.
Annalena Ouwens
/ Translation Resort

I'm looking forward to taking my marketing efforts further step-by-step with the help of Meg and taking my business where I want it to be!

I'm super glad I joined LSM Academy and I've enjoyed the journey so far! It's easy and rewarding to complete the individual modules one after another and in the order you like.
Lisa Prohaska
/ Level:German

I like the step-by-step and bundle approach of the LSM Academy.

The marketing maze can be really overwhelming for solopreneurs, but with the worksheets all becomes much more clear and better structured. Also, it makes me think really hard about me as a business and where exactly I want to go.
Mandy Borchardt
/ Marketing Translator

The LSM Academy is a rare high-quality resource the translation community highly needs.

Taking branding and marketing tips and learning lessons from someone who masters them both is essential, and Meg is the perfect person to do so. And with a plus: on a visually attractive and beautifully written way. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to leave their comfort zone and aim higher and better.
Caroline Alberoni
Alberoni Translations

The Academy is a great source of easy-to-read tips on branding and marketing for translators.

It provides solid advice and helps translators find inspiration to find out more about the marketing side of the translation business. I would recommend it to translators wishing to take their business to the next level.
Serli Varjabetyan
Certified Turkish Translator

Go for it!

As someone who combines business and language backgrounds, I found LSM very comprehensive and packed with valuable content. If you're aiming to grow your business and find new clients, go for it!
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa
/ Business Translator

LSM Academy is a great tool to dive into the world of marketing

and boost your business development as a freelancer and staying in charge of your own future at the same time. The most appealing fact is that all the guidelines and tips have been successfully tested in real life and are very useful for freelancers and small companies who would like to make a step further.
Irina Cernobrovaja
/ Freelance Legal Translator

Give your business a gift of marketing!