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LSM Academy Course Bundle – Workbooks-only Package



If you need a structure and need it quick – this may be a package for you.

You’ll be getting the full collection of workbooks from all the courses available in the Academy – but without the videos and extra resources.

They are most effective when filled in alongside the courses, and after completing all the lessons. However, you will still be able to structure and analyse your thoughts using those.

Each workbook includes a small intro and a set of exercises applicable to the topic. If you’re a fan of printables and you’re looking for a strong framework to work on, questions to ask yourself and practical exercises – like thinking of your business name and tagline, keyword research and marketing strategy and planning –  this bundle will be helpful.

You always have the option of purchasing the appropriate course when you need more info and explanation!

The package contains:

All Short Course Workbooks:

  • Effective Online Profiles: identify and streamline your online profiles (like LinkedIn, Xing or Proz) to make them more attractive and in line with your marketing strategy. Contains: plenty of exercises plus LinkedIn checklist and Online Profiles general checklist
  • Basics of Google Analytics: cheatsheet with useful links
  • The Core of Your Brand: practical exercises towards finding your business name, tagline, mission statement, USP and marketing pitch
  • Customer-centric Approach: identify the value you add to your services, CVP (customer-centric USP), customer-centric approach checklist for improving your customer service, review of your customer touchpoints, customer journey, welcome (onboarding) processes, delivery process, follow-up and feedback loop.

All Masterclass Workbooks:

  • Starter Masterclass: Your Business in Review. Do Your Research & Set New Goals: guidance through situation review, SWOT analysis, SWOT checklist, competitor analysis, competitor research checklist; your target audience workbook, ideal customer avatar exercises, identifying your clients’ wants and problems, identifying potential clients; identifying your why, your dream, your mission and SMART goal-setting framework.
  • Starter Masterclass: Marketing Strategy & Planning for Translators & Interpreters: marketing plan workbook with recommended roadmap and exercises towards creating your own personalised marketing plan, goal setting and monthly action plan exercises, budgeting & quarterly review, catering for different audiences, marketing plan template.
  • Masterclass: Professional Branding 101 – Branding Basics & Your Visual Identity: includes “The Core of Your Brand – practical exercises towards finding your business name, tagline, mission statement, USP and marketing pitch” AND visual identity workbook with visual identity checklist, review of your brand right now, brand positioning statement, branding goals, brand colours, logo design brief, logo design checklist, brand moodboarding.

  • Masterclass: 10 steps to effective website SEO: includes keyword research exercises, SEO audience, keyword tools, website content strategy, tips for optimising your website, website SEO checklist and more!

  • Masterclass: Website Design for Translators – Beginner Level: website goals, tips for every stage of the website process, website design brief, questions to ask your designer, sample web design steps, domain and hosting services explained, website content checklist, website launch, marketing actions involving your website, website toolbox.

  • Masterclass: Your Social Media Strategy – Parts 1 & 2: social media audit, total reach, social media competitor analysis, social media marketing goals, content strategy builder, social toolbox.

Please note: the workbooks are most effective when filled alongside corresponding course videos. However, they provide enough information to give you the basics and plenty of questions to put you on track to achieving your goals.

Let’s do it!