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LSM Academy Big Business Review Handbook



Do you ever feel like you’re putting in a ton of hours and yet, you have no real idea of what’s working and what’s not? What you should be doing more of – and what less of?

Many businesses face the same dilemma. Fortunately, you can structure your efforts and start achieving your goals (no matter how big or small they are!) through a fun and effective business review and easy mapping activities.

The Big Business Review Handbook gives you a neat and tidy overview of your business goals and achievements over the last 12 months.

We will summarise the previous year’s achievements and numbers so that you can see what worked and what didn’t, map out next year’s goals and marketing activities, and look forward to watching your business grow over the following months. This handbook will allow you to think about all different aspects of your business and marketing, including your website, social media, email marketing, numbers and costs so that you can prepare your approach for the year ahead!

You can complete this bundle now, at the end of the calendar year, tax year, every January, or at any other time you feel that you need to step back and reflect on your business. The set of tasks and exercises are here to put all thoughts and facts about your business, website, marketing – in one place.

I hope you enjoy this review as much as I do enjoy completing such reviews every year! These types of exercises really help me focus, especially after – as I’m sure some of you experienced – the super-busy month of December and pre-Christmas rush, but not only.

Please be encouraged to perform a review of your business at any time that suits you and your business best.

What you’ll get from this workbook: